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Samantha Proffer, also known as “SamGlamm” is a hairstylist, entrepreneur and influencer.

She has been in the hair business for over 12 years, with extensive education in hair color and extensions. Extensions have been a passion of hers since the beginning, helping create and educate for the brand Klix. She’s been to China for development with the company, educated in several cities, while helping evolve the Klix brand. She’s taken her craft to 3 states: Detroit, Nashville and Los Angeles. Her passion is to help women maintain their ‘self love’ by boosting their hair! 

She’s also the lead hair and wardrobe stylist for the Emmy award winning TV show Ask Dr Nandi.

You can look to Samglamm for the latest hot spots in travel, fashion and food! 

Her new venture is in the CBD space, starting a brand called Ornate Wellness. 

She’s passionate about her family, friends, animals and traveling. She Never stops learning and takes life as an experience, YOLO!

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